a new start

In two days time I’m moving away to university. I’ll be living in a brand new city, and starting a brand new life. I’ll meet a ton of new people and will be exposed to new experiences. This will be a big step for me in terms of taking my life into my own hands and becoming the person I want to be. I will be lucky enough to be able to start a clean slate and build new friendships without holding onto the past.

Not only is this giving me the chance to develop as a person, but also to develop my writing. I will be studying English with Creative Writing, so for the first time will be able to focus on doing what I love. For several years I have been busy with GCSE and A Level exams, and my writing has been placed on the back burner. Now though, with the right people and resources to harness my love of writing, I’m hoping that I can improve my work, and begin a career. From about the age of 9 I have known that I wanted to be a writer, so my choice of uni course came easily to me. With uni now just around the corner, I feel the desire more than ever to make that dream a reality.

I currently have a novel underway, and will definitely be pushing forward to get that finished and hopefully published within the years I am at university. I have also been writing a lot of poetry recently, a lot of which has been posted on my blog. Poetry is my favourite form of writing, as I find it comes easily to me. Nevertheless, during my course I hope to try out some different forms of writing such as flash fiction and scriptwriting, which I haven’t tried before.

I realise that many people aren’t as fortunate as me and do not get the opportunity to attend university or pursue an education. This makes my transition to university all the more monumental, and I feel very lucky to be beginning this journey.

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