March reads

I’ve only managed to read one book this month, so I’m a little disappointed in myself. I need to try and read more! However, I give high praise to the book I have read:


Joanne Harris


I really enjoyed this book, deciding to reading it after watching the film a while ago. It’s not my typical sort of thing, but I actually really liked it. There are some subtle differences between the book and the film, but I have to say I enjoyed both.

The story follows chocolatier Vienne Rocher and her daughter Anouk, who open a chocolate shop in the French village of Lansquenet at the start of Lent, much to the dislike of priest Reynaud. Tension rises in the village as Vianne’s beliefs and plans for a chocolate festival begin to conflict with the traditions of both the church and the villagers. Reynaud takes on the personal challenge of opposing the chocolatier, while many of the villagers form friendships with the mysterious woman.

The novel is very well written and constructed. On the surface, it is an enjoyable and engaging story, but I loved the deeper themes of the novel. It is not just a conflict between good and evil or Catholics and Protestants, but has a deeper meaning about making the most of life while you can. I would highly recommend!

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