patchwork city, broken seams

this is the place I see my broken dreams


circle of clarity

where grass softens, sinks

to carpet a moment

in the growth of tears


the muddied steps

across the years in synchrony

worn down to roughened earth

with thoughts undone


this place where lovers kiss

the desperate weep

the lonely think

remains alone

in loneliness content


the cold does not seem cold

up here

my pounding heart

turns to an ache of memory


an old wound

which will heal as days decay


this is my place

from here I can see everything 

the heights and depths

I thought I’d lost

the distances I couldn’t see


and history

a knife that cannot reach me

is written only in the walls

of smooth unfathomed concrete

down below

behind the ancient crumbled shapes

of secrets older than my own


from here I sing

the lyrics of my life

for no one but the wind to hear

and yet I think

the world could hear me

and I wouldn’t care 


my life is stitched within the city’s seams

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