So here it is…

Merry Christmas!

Christmas time is here again, and another year has passed. I haven’t been writing much lately, and haven’t been having so much creative inspiration. I have always found that writing is much easier to do when an idea comes to me; if I sit down with the intention to write, but have no ideas, it always proves difficult.

What’s strange about my recent lack of writing, is that I have actually been feeling much happier than I did earlier in the year. Somehow, it’s easier to write in sad times than it is in happy times. It been an adventure of a year for me; I’ve experienced mental highs and low, faced love and loss, had to say goodbye to people through death and through growing apart. In dark times, words were all I had to turn to. Death and heartbreak are easy to write about, as proved by poets for centuries.

But now it’s Christmas, and although everything may not be good, I have, to an extent, learned to face it all with happiness. I really don’t want to sound like a clichéd line in a Christmas card, but I honestly feel that Christmas is different this year. People ask me what I want for Christmas, and I genuinely don’t know what to say. I’ve made it through 2018, I couldn’t have asked for anyone better to have spent it with, and I’ve realised that this is all I really need. The lessons that I’ve learnt, and the experiences I’ve had, are worth more than anything that I find under the tree on Christmas day.

I’m fully aware of how cliché this sounds. But if we’ve all heard it so often, why haven’t we done anything about it? The average household spends around £500 on Christmas, with the average child receiving 16 presents. Why then, is it so common to hear people complaining about having to spend time with family at Christmas? Why, when people have already spent and received so much, is shopping in the sales the first thing they want to do after Christmas? If we keep spending and spending, and are still not happy, when are we going to realise that, perhaps, money does not equal happiness.

Presents and food are integral parts of the holidays, a fact that cannot be disputed. But this Christmas, I’m placing more worth on the people who are close to me. On Christmas Day, I will be sparing a thought for all those souls who are lost and lonely during the festive period. Merry Christmas everybody, I hope you have a happy and peaceful holiday.

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